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January 7th, 2014

10:46 am - 64th Kohaku Uta Gassen Ratings reported by media + confusing ratings breakdown
The 64th annual NHK “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (Red and White Singing Contest) on New Year’s Eve received a record-breaking television rating of 44.5%, the highest ever in the last 10 years.
According to video researchers, the music variety program’s ratings surpassed the TBS drama “Hanazawa Naoki” which received 42.2% by 2.3 points.
Sports Nippon reported that the show drew in a large viewership with various performances, including members of the hit TV program “Ama-chan,” and veteran singer Saburo Kitajima’s 50th and final appearance.
From 7:15 p.m. during the first half of the program, the show garnered a rating of 36.9%, which was up 3.7 points over the previous year. The second half of the program received the highest rating of the last 10 years at 44.5%.
Source: Japan Today

Since I know some can't wait for Kohaku ratings breakdown, here are some ratings I gathered.

Sponichi article & ranking peaks captured from a morning TV show
Source: 1 | 2

Ratings peaks (specific moments)
1. Kitajima Saburo thanking other performers during his final performance : 50.7%
2. Amachan Shiosai no Memory by Nounen Reina, Kyoko Koizumi & Yakushimaru Hiroko : 50.0%
3. Oshima Yuko reply to Ninomiya Kazunari asking for clarification of her retirement. : 48.5%

Highest point for first half was during T.M.Revolution X Mizuki Nana performance : 42.6%
TV capture of top 3 rating peaks for 64th Kohaku momentsCollapse )

Another TV capture woth conflicting percentageCollapse )


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April 17th, 2011

11:06 pm - arama mods and their friends (aka: kpop trolls) pissing me off
posted some news 2 hour ago and still not approved.
that post.. at first i find 2pm to be interesting but then came the trolls. now i hate them. good job.

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April 6th, 2011

08:48 pm - Comment style.
I will always be unapologetic for my obvious English or typing fail. Its just random comments not some official letter. DEAL WITH IT


January 26th, 2011

07:06 pm - Gantz reviews from popular sites

Boozie Movies drunkenly rants about GANTZ, Otakus, & proper theater etiquette
- knew almost nothing about original, drunk review, bad cinema experience, hate the dubbing, but still find the movie good and wanted to watched the sequel without smelly and noisy distraction and no dubs
- knew almost nothing about original, polite reviewer, fairly ok cinema experience, hated the dubbing, but still find the movie good and excited about the sequel

Twitchfilm and the members pretty much liked Gantz.

Gantz is the best alien deathmatch we've seen in ages
- knew almost nothing about original, experienced reporter wrote the review, fairly ok cinema experience, hated the dubbing, but still find the movie good and really excited about the sequel

io9 has an angry, highly critical crowd but the senior reporter writing the review LOVED it. I hoped she won't waver from the positive 1st impression she had.

GANTZ World Premiere
- knew almost nothing about original, popular reviewer, fairly ok cinema experience, hated the dubbing, but still find the movie good and really excited about the sequel

I remember reading his review. He hated HYD movie..

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January 4th, 2011

02:30 pm - 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen performance ratings
No articles yet but  here's the top 3
1. SMAP 48.9%
2. Kuwata Keisuke 45.4%
3. Ikimonogatari / Matsushita Nao 45.2% (I'm not sure which one)

AKB was 40.3%, Arashi is probably around 43 - 44%, Kuwata Keisuke is 45.4

source: 2ch and an entertainment program someone captured

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January 3rd, 2011

10:43 pm - secrets post 72
ngl, i was angry at first but what the heck. haters need to blow of some steam like me.
just to make it clear, i wasn't trolling with the "unnecessary praising" articles posted at arama. the community was not moving and there are news posted. actual news posted by actual paid journalist from actual well known source. the thing is, i'm only interested to have Arashi related stuff in my inbox. I'll be talking to myself if I posted it in my own journal plus the comments at arashi communities are braindead boring.

Selfish reasons are selfish so forgive me. That doesn't mean I'll stop posting ;)

Another point is "dissing other groups"? What? NEVER especially JE... maybe I did dissed Yuma but I can't help not liking his face nnn~~~~. I dissed KPOP but that was not serious. I rarely dissed other fandoms.............Ooo maybe that Billboard article seems like I was dissin the other "artists". I was annoyed people are getting the award meaning wrong. Sales award are sales award and Arashi deserves the award. Dissing other artists never happened but I was pretty obnoxious. Sorry bout that.

Haters are most welcome to comment and have a little debate in my future "unnecessary" posts at arama. I haven't had anyone complaining how unnecessary those posts were recently because clearly it was all pure news. Fred the goat had taken care of that Tokyohive Aiba penguin post eons ago. Yes, I would take down my post if it seems like spamming. Just give a reasonable holler. I might even reply reasonably  instead of simply deleting it.

A troll is different from a stan. I'm a happy stan. Some like me, some don't. C'est la vie

This is what I have been posting at arama all this while:
No, I'm not a troll but you can judge me yourselves by clicking that link.

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October 20th, 2010

11:10 pm - LOL
I didn't realize there's a bunch of Arashi news posted before mine and got some bitches panties in a bunch.
5 fucking minutes!!!!
The goat took care of it.

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August 22nd, 2010

11:00 am - Future Prime Minister and Gorby

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai (28) traveled to Moscow to meet a former head of state and to the Berlin wall as part of his special report for Nippon TV’s 24Hr TV, reports Sports Hochi.

Sakurai’s special, titled “嵐・櫻井翔が緊急リポート! 世界の貧困と格差社会の現実~マンホールで暮らす人々とは~ (Arashi - Sho Sakurai’s Breaking News! The reality of global poverty and social disparity ~people who live in manholes~ )” sent him to Moscow to interview Nobel Peace Prize winning former head of state Mikhail Gorbachev (79).

Mr Gorbachev is widely known as the man whose actions lead to the end of the Cold War around the late 1980s, early 1990s. After Mr Gorbachev heard Sakurai had been interviewing a wide range of people in different places for his “NEWS ZERO” series “世界平和への祈り (Sekai Heiwa heno Inori, A Prayer for World Peace)” over the past year, the nobel prize winner applauded Sakurai for his efforts.

“I am very happy to meet a responsible person like you.

“I hope more and more people will be able to think not only about themselves, but also about the suffering the people around them are going through, and want to help them,” he said.

After Sakurai had introduced himself in Russian, Mr Gorbachev pushed aside Sakurai’s prepared notes.

“I want to hear about your opinions,” he told a confused Sakurai.

The interview went on for more than 30 minutes, during which the two talked about poverty, economic instability, and peace operations.

It has been reported Sakurai was still shaking after his interview.

“It was an incredible privileged to have met a person I watched on the news as a young boy,” he said.

His latest adventure had sent him reporting from Moscow to the Berlin wall, and to Romania.

“It’s been 20 years since the Cold War ended. How has the world changed. I hope I can make people in Japan think about how one person’s situation can affect others,” he said.

“嵐・櫻井翔が緊急リポート! 世界の貧困と格差社会の現実~マンホールで暮 らす人々とは~ (Arashi - Sho Sakurai’s Breaking News! The reality of global poverty and social disparity ~people who live in manholes~ )” will air on “24時間テレビ33「愛は地球を救う」(24Hr TV 33 ‘Love Saves the Earth’)” on August 29 in Japan.

source: MOMOEDGEWOOD via [info]japan_now
original news links: Sponichi | Hochi
screencap credits: arashinino

ps: the translations sucks

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June 8th, 2010

03:08 pm - RANT HERE
WTF. all the news coming out recently are indeed RELATED to my boys. Japan can't help themselves.

anyone want to rant about what's going on arama?

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May 14th, 2010

08:41 am - BOYCOTT

i don't hate erika and actually like her a lot but the poster is a troll.
anybody else who's reading.. do ignore those trolls faking as normal sane human beings.
LEGENDARY! *vomits*

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